Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Origins of the Universe & The Cosmic Tree of Life

The beginning of creation is humans most anticipated question of all time. Where did we come from? and why are we here? Hawking states that the origins of our universe starts at a point of singularity within a black hole. Could it be possible however, that our universe exists inside of a black hole?

In timelessness and space-less-ness the beginning of our universe started as a thought of God and we are merely the holographic stories projected from the mind of God. God sent out a laser of light and because this light is from God it is experienced as love when sentient beings absorb it. Within these rays of light are the 7 rays which represent an aspect of our higher self. This light exists in all of us and thus allows us to  embody the living potential of God. Angels would embody this light and thus they are a direct manifestation of Creator. The Elohim meaning "those who come from the sky" as direct descendants of Creator would enter into the 3rd D around 78 billion years ago. The Nephilim or Annunaki were just one of the many extra terrestrial races that would come to earth and either assist in the evolutionary plan in developing a highly conscious race of beings that could establish itself on Earth, or cause mischief. The Galactic Federation of Light (galactic counsel) is a group of extra terrestrial benevolent beings that have been here since the beginning, are associated with the inner earth, otherwise known as agartha and are currently assisting humankind on the process toward awakening as we enter the Golden Age.

God sent two other rays of light from different angles to meet as one. One of these light rays is known as the star system Sirius, it provides the spiritual light "shining in the East". Sirius is "the foundation for the Egyptians entire religious system".
These rays of light are the primordial tree of life that I will explain later based on Calleman's theory. The three lights act as a giant hologram.

All of our stars and planets in this universe are in fact sentient. Mars and Venus took part in the creation of Earth and the moon is a psychic airport, it is the 3rd eye of our universe. The moon is also the catalyst of divine feminine knowledge. She represents the element of water and controls all water bodies on Earth, including the 70% humans are made of. She is The luminary of the divine feminine and women rely on her co existence with mother Earth so that every month the woman can go through a physical and emotional detox which releases bacteria from inside the reproductive system. This helps the body to discharge excess iron. Women at this time are also "flooded" with intuitive insight during menstruation and have been the prophets and oracles over 100,000's of years. Women need to remember this past of themselves so that we may reconnect with the "star gates" which "can open in a Womb Chakra" allowing us to access DNA wisdom of mother Gaia and thus allowing to re-awaken the feminine energy.

The hologram (tree of life) was the beginning, the center of the tree of life became the singularity. From there a universe "was created around it including a big bang to set it into motion". There is the One primordial tree of life and many micro trees of life that exist on other planets all of which connect to the primordial tree.
We are holograms, merely an illusion of a three dimensional object. Just as Buddhists claim, everything is an illusion. From our perspective everything is solid and real, however all of matter is in constant flux. Matter is composed of empty space. All particles (which we are all composed of) live as waves until they are observed then pop into place or shape. Therefore something had to observe us for us to exist, and still does. Our brain also operates like a hologram, in which I will describe in another blog. Did you know that "if all the empty space in an atom were taken out, the empire state building would reduce to the size of a grain (or seed)"?

Everything we see in 3D may in fact be a projection stored from codes on a 2D surface at a distance. The 3D is the holographic image projected by the 3 realms, halos, or the aura of the cosmic tree of life. Our 3D make up codes, and the codes for all life exist within the 2D ring around the tree of life. If our universe were in a black hole this would make sense. The seed of our universe (and yes, we were indeed "seeded" by the primordial mother) is similar to a seed of a plant or anything else. All the mass and energy contained within a seed is compressed within a protective shell. Just like in our universe all bodies of matter must be compressed, all forms of matter are being held together by certain forces. Our human bodies for example are the shells, the container of our soul. Our DNA is stored within this soul and this information can be channeled when we align ourselves with the soul or inner seed of the universe. When our souls enter a new universal experience we come in as specks of purple light. We are born from the singularity, all of our "soul content" gets smeared into coding along the black holes event horizon. These codes on the outside of the black hole can be used to create the 3D images inside the black hole. These same principles can be used everywhere.

Black holes exist at the death of a star. "When the star runs out of fuel its core collapses inward. Everything is pulled in by gravity, temperature rises atoms are smashed, electrons are shredded" not even light can escape. The event horizon is a 2D boundary in space time that exists between the interior and exterior of the black hole. This event horizon not only stores our make-up coding it stores our thoughts and experiences. It is like a galactic hard drive. Contemplate for a moment on the idea that the universe is holographic. Meaning the universe is a 3D projection onto a flat "cosmic surface".

We as humans have our own galactic hard drives so whatever we experience and create from one life time to the next, that information gets stored in our own personal event horizon, in which I will later refer to as the Akashic records. We are able to transport these experiences from one planet to the next so that we may "seed" new planets with life. Our earth home has over time been seeded with life forms from other planets that our extra terrestrial ancestors brought here when earth mother was creating herself.

Our experiences here on earth, like anywhere else becomes a school. The universe our university. On this planet we come here as souls to experience what its like to live in "physical form". The body becomes the vessel to manifest and create. We are here with human type bodies so that we may create and reproduce in suitable bodies so that we may incarnate. Our souls have a home to move around in, that which we call our body, that which we call earth, that which we call our universe. We are extensions of the creators will, and the creator wanted a free will universe so that we can learn through polarities what it means to become highly conscious, functioning, multidimensional, loving creator beings. However, as you already know or will know this free will universe has also seen chaos as dark entities have invaded and manipulated the human DNA for a very long time in order to gain power over the masses and as long as earth is supporting life, she remains neutral about what exists on her planet. Earths original intention was to create a planet that nourishes all biological life forms.

Now, more on the big bang. The Big Bang theory posits a cosmological model for the universe through time. Somewhere between 15-5 Billion years ago a point of density began expanding into a fireball. The basic principles of Big Bang is that the universe was extremely hot and dense. Before the event, "the four forces of physics (gravity, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak nuclear forces), had been unified" (Calleman). These forces began to separate causing an inflationary stage of expansion. This inflationary stage had to exist for science needed an explanation for the state of the universe. When this phase was over electrons materialized, and everything cooled. It cooled further over hundreds of thousands of years until atoms, hydrogen, helium, and lithium formed. -The Purposeful Universe.

As Calleman states "the problem remains for cosmologists to explain how a heterogeneous universe with an obvious order could emerge from such a major explosion". Within the universe multiple galaxies exist, all of which would seem to need some kind of "ordering principle" as we see in our local solar system. Rather than settle for a preexisting universal order, physicists rely on an explanation that suggests a random fluctuating distribution of density that set off our 300,000 year old universal landscape. Clusters of matter became galaxies and within, star systems began to form. If this theory of random materialization is true, then we are also an offspring from a random accidental turn of events.

The theory of relativity is based on the cosmological principle which assumes that the universe on the largest scale looks the same in all directions. However, science has recently shown this may not be true. Now lets get to the cosmic microwave background radiation concept, which initially helped back the theory for the relevance of the cosmological principle. The high temperatures at the big bang "generated at the sudden early expansion of the universe would give rise to an after glow in the form of CMB (radiation) at a few degrees above absolute zero" (Calleman). The initial satellite imagery launched in 1989 to measure this CMB discovered minor background radiation irregularities which were seen to indicate randomly distributed density fluctuations, in which later would give rise to early galaxies.
 Satellite measurements in 2003 were mathematically analyzed and a revolutionizing set of data was found. This find suggests an organized axis and polarized fields of temperature that looks similar to "panels on a basketball" (Calleman). Which would essentially mean that at the very beginning of the galaxy formation there would have been a pre-existing directional axis in which everything else would form around. This axis may be a million times the size of our Milky Way galaxy. The information previously stated is derived from The Purposeful Universe by Carl Johan Calleman.
An array of ancient cultures called this axis the world tree, the celestial pole, tree of life, the cosmic axis, and the center of the world. This axis or tree is the primordial life giving force. This tree or pillar holds the knowledge of all creation. Today this axis has been called the Akasha. Callemans theory is that the tree of life or cosmic axis was the primordial quantum event, that is, "it happened without intermediate states". He suggests that the center of the tree of life created a 3 dimensional coordinate system that was surrounded by a halo. These three levels became entangled at a quantum scale, thus all 3 levels are intimately connected. Smaller rotating trees of life with halos were reproduced (as fractals exist throughout the universe) at "lesser levels such as galaxies, stars, and planets". Three levels were introduced which is what the ancients called the lower, middle, and upper world. When the 3rd dimension and these worlds were generated the universe expanded. This central axis Calleman speaks of is massive and emerged at big bang and is the organizer of space-time. Humans have "replicas" of these trees of life within. The ancient Chinese, as well most ancient cultures knew of this energetic vortex within the human body.

According to Newton the father of modern science, space was an "empty stage", where everything happens. The action cant effect the stage and the stage cant effect the action. Space was an unchanging, flat, linear surface. Newton would suggest that whatever physically happens, must happen in relation to something else, that something else is space. I think all sentient forces in existence must exist in relation to an organizing hierarchical vertical quantum force that creates universal entanglements where we (all energy) can exist simultaneously in multi-dimensional parallel worlds. Quantum entanglement also holds together through strings all of our past present and future karmic blue prints (cause & effect + quantum entanglement=karma). I compare this to what the Buddha called Dependent Origination. Everything is interconnected in the cosmic grid of cause and effect, so in a sense we are all entangled with one another and the only way to break free from this karmic entanglement is through connecting to our souls sovereignty or aligning with our Akashic field. When we do this we can remove pre-natal soul contracts which also liberates us from our karmic debt so to speak. 

Quantum entanglement also allows our souls to travel and incarnate on different planes of reality so that we may upgrade or evolve in all ways the Great Creator thinks is possible.
Einstein proposed that space and time coexist together, adjusting by the right amount, so that no matter how fast your moving, when you measure the speed of light it always results in 671000000 miles per hour. Here time and space had to shift from an absolute way of existence to a flexible relational state of existence. Time and space meld with motion in a "single motion, called space time". Now time and space exist in unity. This space time relationship would change our view on gravity, we call this theory general relativity, the idea is that any event in the universe occurs as a point in space and time. How does the earth pull on the moon? It doesn't, the moon moves around the curve in the earths space time grid. We can think about these two different views of space by imagining pool balls rolling over a flat table, they move in straight lines. If the tables surface were made of stretchy "space-time" grid fabric and you were to place a heavier ball in the middle of the table it would create an indentation around itself. Then roll a smaller ball toward the larger one, and the smaller ball travels around the indentation in fabric that the heavier object creates. Now we can see that space must be flexible in our solar system in order for the planets to move the way that they do. Gravity now lays in the nature of space time and when we look at the black hole we see that the gravity is so strong that it can twist space-time and drag space into its depths. These laws are used to describe a uniform behavior of the universe. However, as I mentioned in the previous paragraph the cosmological principle may be disproved in the near future as the cosmic axis proves irregularity in the cosmos. Quantum mechanics is trying to find the link between general relativity and quantum gravity so that the behavior of subatomic particles in black holes can be described.

In fact, the finding of an axis could have long lasting effects on the way we currently understand the continuation of biological evolution of life in the universe.

The existence of the wormhole postulates that matter and energy traveling into a black hole could exit through a white hole existing in another universe. In wormholes there is a bending of space time that creates shortcuts into the future. They have also been called "subways" of our solar systems. The link or tunnel that connects our universe to other universes.
So yes, the Universe could of been "born" or "seeded" inside a black hole within another universe.

Many physicists are saying that instead of no thing existing before the big bang that at the moment before the big bang all the energy and mass "of the nascent universe was compacted into an incredibly dense -yet finite-speck" or seed. A particle tinier then anything we can imagine that became the ignition of creation for all other particles, galaxies, solar systems, universes, humans, plants the list goes on. This "seed" has been called the God Particle.

Of course in order for these particles to propagate space has to exist. The universe started small and expanded out from this hole of empty space. This space, we will call the gap of the goddess blew through this gap a bubble (the universe).
In this empty space (or the gap of the goddess), pairs of sub atomic particles that emerge out of the void exist for a moment and then destroy each other. This happens throughout space. Like yin and yang they are opposites that can not exist without each other. One is positive one is negative. when these particles bump up against the black hole it has been noted that positive particles can escape the black hole,while particles with a negative charge would fall into the black hole. The negative particles decrease the mass of the black hole, and where the particle goes off to the distant observer it is observed as radiation, and appears around a black hole as a microscopic glow that behaves like heat, negative mass particles decrease the mass of the black hole. The black hole gets smaller and the temp gets hotter, it gets so hot it eventually explodes. The black hole will evaporate "unless it is fed more mass than it loses in energy". To put this simply, the universe starts in the black hole. This black hole is a collapsed star. Everything becomes infinite, time and space stops. Then the matter contracts more and more then expands. This expansion initiates the big bang which leads to the creation of our universe. All of this starting with a point of singularity that exists within its "parent" universe. In order for a universe to reproduce it must contain black holes which "spawn offspring universes".

The singularity (the third eye) of Creator wanted to know itself better. Thus the creator energy of the Goddess gives birth to God (its polarity) and her womb is this point of singularity in which matter springs forth. The ancients knew that the singularity point (called something else at the time) was where all life sprang forth, where all knowledge is contained, and where the secrets of the universe dwell. Otherwise known as the Akashic Records. Out of the Akashic Record field, the four primary elements of matter would be born. Earth, air, water and fire. Akasha in Sanskrit means air or ether, which is the fifth element. These five elements were revered by the ancients. We see these elements celebrated in the universal symbol of the medicine wheel. However, the most valuable component to the medicine wheel is the center (ether) where the horizon and axis meet, this intersection is the Akasha, the axis mundi, what we call in modern science the singularity point. This singularity point is creation, it is the eye of God that exists within all sentient life forms. The singularity point is the most condensed vortex space that creates open or closed quanta formations that connects us to the ultimate. It connects us to our parallel lives and other universal realities. The Akasha contains an energetic imprint of all past, present, and future events along an event horizon. The event horizon surrounds the singularity point where all information gets stored. Black holes according to Hawking are regions in space where the gravity is so strong that nothing that gets pulled into its force (even light) cant escape. This includes information. The records that are stored can be accessed by believing in the possibility that we are all connected to a database of information that one might know as the mind of God.
 We can access these records when we become aligned with our own singularity point. This alignment can come about through cultivating non resistance on a mind body spirit level. This can be accomplished through meditation. Ascension of the soul occurs when we are able to activate our highest potential through aligning ourselves with Source. The Akashic records are not limited to planet earth, each planet has its own Akashic record. However, each Akashic record might be slightly different from the next as they express different characteristics of Source.
The singularity exists in a timeless present state which can be likened to pure consciousness. Every moment of our life coexists in a single moment. We are expressions of the singularity. Time as we know it is not just a sequence of quantitative events(that which we call Chrono's). As this earths consciousness level raises to higher frequencies we will  begin to notice "synchronistic time" that which we call Kairos. We are aware of this time when we experience "good timing" or synchronicities and call it miraculous, however Kairos time is natural to our experience and will become more apparent to people as levels of consciousness move to a higher vibration. As Einstein said the only reason we created linear time is so that everything doesn't happen all at once.

Through thought perpetuated polarity of matter. The gap of the goddess' primordial womb
the male and female components required for this universal creation on a subatomic particle scale, would give birth to all life forms. These life forms would be experiments of the prime Creator and would become perfect vessels to retain various levels of consciousness. These levels of consciousness would come about through the prime creators plan in developing an evolutionary design system for life forms on planet Gaia. The Creator wanted to manifest a female planet  that would give birth to seeded life forms. Earth is a seed planet, the seed contains a genetic design, or DNA, thus our planet is a DNA planet unique from any other planet that exists. Earth is a sentient 6th dimensional being that took form as a 7th dimensional seed planet 60 million years ago (Galactic Historian). Multidimensional beings from other galaxies would decide to help in the creation of this planet. The tree of life would be set on earth as an energy grid which would send out different frequencies of consciousness that would aid in the evolution of human consciousness, and would ultimately act as the macro level chakra system for the earth herself. This chakra system would have the power to activate the micro chakra systems for all sentient beings on earth.

Thus the universe as you have read is not the result of a random event, our universe is highly complex and sentient. It contains multiple dimensions of reality that are entangled with one another. Scientists have just begun to tap the surface of our quantum worlds. We will see over time how patterns on a fractal scale reveal portals to worlds previously unseen. Places that we can connect to and places we can and will visit. We have entered the Golden Age, it is time to grow up, to mature consciously, to become higher dimensional beings of light and love. It is time to realize we are not separate from God or Goddess, we are in fact extensions of them, and they are extensions of Source. When we know this we will move past our fears of death, and learn to live fully embodied in mind, body, spirit. Most importantly we will come to know the truth of our origins, and the truths of ourselves, so that we may live that truth and so it shall be, and so it is.